Western Australia Department Of Transport To Collaborate Once More With Poralu Marine

Poralu Marine is proud to announce its involvement in the design and construction of a new jetty at Two Rocks Marina, Western Australia. This project will be completed in collaboration with Poralu Marine distributor Shorewater Marine for the Western Australia Department of Transport (DoT). The new jetty is scheduled to be delivered in the second half of 2020.

Long-lasting partnerships in Western Australia

For more than 16 years, Poralu Marine and DoT have worked together on a series of successful projects on the West Coast. Thanks to continuous innovation efforts, Poralu Marine has been constantly developing and improving its range of products over the years. This is one of the reasons why DoT chose Poralu Marine Australia to continue the extension of Two Rocks Marina.

Shorewater Marine is a commercial diving and marine construction and maintenance service provider based in Wangara, is Poralu Marine’s partner of choice in Western Australia. For several years, Shorewater Marine has installed Poralu Marine’s products developing a solid professional relationship. In Two Rocks, the company will proceed to the piling stage of development and the installation of pontoons and services.

The choice of high-performing products

The Two Rocks Marina upgrade project includes the installation of three new jetties. The first one, Q Jetty, delivered in 2019, was specially installed to offer customised catamarans berthing space. For the subsequent enlargements, DoT planned the demolition of an old fixed jetty and the fitting of two new floating jetties. The next stage, R Jetty, will provide 43 pens, welcoming boats up to 25m length.

Two Rocks Marina is sheltered behind seawalls but still experiences sea currents and seiching. DoT was looking for a specific solution to provide robustness and safety to the marina. Poralu Marine engineered a system of heavy-duty aluminium structures to provide maximum strength and durability for this location. The pontoons are specifically designed and built to withstand very demanding applications such as commercial activities and high-end recreational boating.

Marie-Alexandra Hegot, Pacific Area Manager at Poralu Marine, explains: “Poralu Marine has deployed its technical expertise and know-how in heavy-duty construction for diverse applications in Australia. For instance, we have installed the same kind of sturdy custom pontoon for the Oil and Gas construction vessels in Exmouth. We have also equipped Princess Yacht Marina with a reinforced heavy-duty marina in Fremantle to displays its superyachts in the most sophisticated conditions. The pontoons were equipped with our Premium range decking and accessories for a stunning look”. She adds: “DoT sought to create a seamless user experience. They found that being able to embed all the safety and service add-ons directly on the jetties was very practical”.

One of DoT concerns was also about the cumbersome dismantling of the previous infrastructures. The destruction and removal of concrete can be expensive and damaging for the local ecosystems. Poralu Marine provides a more sustainable solution. Aluminium is a permanent material that can be unlimitedly recycled with no loss of performance. The Ecostyle® decking is also recyclable. At the end of their lifecycle, the structures can simply be removed from the water to be upcycled, with no major collateral damage.

Poralu Marine Asia Pacific
Poralu Marine in APAC is based in Melbourne and Hong Kong; the APAC office brings the innovation and the high-end quality of Poralu Marine to the coasts of Asia and the Pacific Ocean. Poralu installations in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands are often identified for their unique esthetical and functional characteristics.
Source: Poralu Marine Asia Pacific

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