UAE and US firms join hands to develop green ports in India

US-based C4V, a lithium-ion battery technology company, has signed an initial pact with the UAE-based Trot Solutions to develop green and self-sustainable ports in India.

The pact covers converting the existing ports into green facilities and jointly developing and enabling a strong supply chain through C4V giga factories, the Press Trust of India news agency reported, citing a C4V statement.

It further aims to foster innovation and research and development on high-end technologies in the green energy space. The two companies will also support power generation from renewables plus batteries to all port equipment, including electrification of small vessels.

Trot Solutions, which specialises in providing infrastructure solutions for ports, shipping, and logistics, has a presence in the Indian port market.

C4V has successfully deployed its technology in energy storage, electric -mobility and will develop green and self-sustainable ports in India with Trot Solutions, said Kuldeep Gupta, President for Strategic Partnership at C4V.

“Our advanced battery solutions will enable ports to reduce their carbon footprint and play an important role in achieving the vision Green India by 2030,” he added.

Rizwan Ali, Managing Director at Trot Solutions, stated the partnership will reduce the burden of the grid and enable power in rural areas.
Source: Reuters (Editing by Brinda Darasha)

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