Tripura receives first ever inland shipping cargo from Bangladesh

The Daukandi (Bangladesh) – Sonamura (Tripura) Inland Waterway Protocol route was operationalised today marking a milestone in India-Bangladesh relations.

“Bangladeshi vessel, MB Premier carrying cement started from Daukandi on September 3, 2020, and will reach Sonamura on September 5, 2020, traversing 93 km along the river Gumti. This would be the first-ever export consignment from Bangladesh to Tripura through the inland waterways,” the government said in a release.

The Protocol for Inland Water Trade & Transit (PIWTT) was signed between India and Bangladesh in 1972 to provide inland waterways connectivity between the two countries, particularly with the North Eastern Region of India and also to enhance bilateral trade.

In the last year, approx. 3.5 MMT of cargo was transported between India and Bangladesh on the protocol routes. The scope of PIWTT has been further expanded by the signing of the second addendum to PIWTT on May 20, 2020, with the inclusion of additional routes and ports of calls.

The inclusion of Sonamura – Daudkhandi stretch of the Gumti river (93 km) as a new route in the Protocol will improve the connectivity of Tripura and the adjoining States with Indian and Bangladesh’s economic centers and will help the hinterland of both the countries.
Source: ANI

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