TransContainer constructs container terminal of 424,000-TEU capacity in South of Moscow Region

PJSC TransContainer (part of Delo Group) became a founder of Usady Container Terminal LLC. This company will construct and operate a container terminal in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region. The facility with a design capacity of 424 thousand TEUs per year will be adjacent to Usady railway station.

The site is located at the joint of key throughways – the Big Ring of Moscow Railway, the Central Ring Road and the M4 Don highway, and it will become a hub that concentrate commodity flows going to the Moscow Transportation Hub (MTH).

“MTH serves Russia’s largest consumer market. It accounts for almost a third of total container processing volume on the Russian Railways network, excluding transit. This is the main reason why we consider the construction of Usady terminal as a strategic investment project,” said Vitaly Evdokimenko, President of the company.

After the terminal is put into operation, a cargo consolidation center will be formed in Usady to ship products from the European part of the country to the key world markets of the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, Africa, as well as to arrange supply to the constituent territories of the Russian Federation, including the Urals Region, Siberia and the Far East.

The Board of Directors of PJSC TransContainer approved the project at the end of July 2023. The implementation period is from the fourth quarter of 2023 to the fourth quarter of 2025. Sergei Kiselev, Vice President and Director for Capital Construction and Repair of Buildings and Structures of TransContainer, became the Head of Usady Container Terminal LLC
Source: Delo Group

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