The Board Of Directors Of Konecranes Plc Decided On New Incentive Plan For The Group’s Key Employees

Konecranes Plc and Cargotec Corporation have on October 1, 2020 signed a combination agreement and a merger plan to combine the two companies through a merger (“Transaction”). Information on the Transaction is available on the stock exchange release issued on the same day.

The Board of Directors of Konecranes Plc has decided to establish a new share-based incentive plan for the Group key employees. The new Restricted Share Unit Plan 2020 (“Plan”) is intended to function as a bridge plan for the transition period before the closing of the Transaction and forming the combined company in the merger (“Transition Period”).

The aim of the Plan is to align the objectives of the shareholders and the key employees, to secure business continuity during the Transition Period, and to retain key employees at the Company.

The reward from the Plan is conditional to the closing of the Transaction. In addition, the reward is based on a valid employment or service and the continuity of the employment or service during the waiting period. The reward is paid partly in shares and partly in cash, after the end of the waiting period, ending on the closing date of the Transaction. Shares received as a reward in the Plan may not be sold, transferred, pledged or otherwise assigned during the 12-month lock-up period. The lock-up period begins on the date following the closing date of the Transaction.

The Plan is intended for selected key employees only, approximately 100 employees, including the Konecranes Leadership Team members. The rewards to be allocated in Konecranes Plc shares on the basis of the Plan will amount up to an approximate maximum total of 120,000 Konecranes Plc shares. In addition, a cash proportion is included in the reward to cover taxes and tax-related costs arising from the reward.
Source: Konecranes PLC

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