Suez Canal plans to transfort ports to regional centers for fueling ships

Day after day, the economic zone of the Suez Canal acquires a new dimension in achieving the added value of one of the most important waterways in the world.

The General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal announced the success of the first operation of supplying a container ship with green fuel “methanol” in the port of East Port Said, Friday evening.

The supplying process took approximately 6 hours; this operation is the first of its kind in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, as part of the Egyptian state’s strategy to restore its role in providing ship supply services, whether with traditional or green fuel, and then maximizing the benefit from the location of its seaports on the Red and Mediterranean seas.

The authority revealed, in a press statement on Friday, the implementation of the service of supplying the container ship to the shipping line Maersk, which was received two days ago in the port of East Port Said, and it is the first container ship in the world that operates on green fuel;

The container ship was supplied with a quantity of 500 tons of green methanol at the Suez Canal Container Terminal, the main operator of East Port Said port.

The Suez Canal Economic Authority said that this operation, the first of its kind in integration with the Suez Canal Authority, was managed by the Suez Canal Terminal for Container Handling, the Ministry of Health represented by the Port Said Ambulance Facility and the Civil Protection Forces, as well as the naval and interior forces in the emergency plan.

In the same context, the Suez Canal Economic Zone plans to transform its ports into a regional center for fueling ships with traditional (fossil) or green fuels, amid its endeavor to localize the green fuel industry and the feeding and complementary industries to achieve the added value of its unique geographical location within the competing economic zones.
Source: Egypt Today

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