Saudi Arabia’s ports record 12% hike in containers

The Kingdom’s ports recorded a 12 percent increase in container handling operations during August as compared to the same period in 2019, according to data released by the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani).

A total of 664,000 more containers were handled during August.

Saudi ports also recorded a hike in the transshipment with 225,000 containers marking an increase of 21 percent. The number of imported vehicles reached 39,000. The import of foodstuff rose by 20 percent and 181,000 heads of cattle were imported to the Kingdom in a month.

Saudi ports, with their diverse specialties, have an exceptional role in developing marine commerce and transporting travelers.

Mawani launched four shipping lines in 2020 to help increase the connectivity of Saudi ports with their regional and global counterparts.

The authority is also working on a project to increase the capacity at King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam by more than 120 percent to reach 7.5 million containers and add more than 4,000 jobs in the ports and logistical sectors.

Mawani also signed an agreement with the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC), a Public Investment Fund-owned company, to lease land in Yanbu Commercial Port to be used to develop the Kingdom’s biggest grain terminal.
Source: Arab News

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