Rotterdam Port Fund invests in CargoSnap

Rotterdam Port Fund announces its investment in CargoSnap, the Dutch start-up in logistics software, which provides a transparent ‘Proof of Condition’ in supply chains. This investment round will support CargoSnap in accelerating its international growth strategy. Founded in 2017, CargoSnap is a logistics ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution consisting of an online platform combined with a mobile app, providing Proof of Condition of cargo. With the easy to use solution, CargoSnap is defining Proof of Condition and how it is executed where collection, reporting, and sharing of this data creates a transparent supply chain. CargoSnap is helping customers in reducing risk and claims, saving time and money. ‘’It’s a unique time to build such a meaningful partnership,’’ says Marcel Merkx, founder of CargoSnap.

‘’The move of shippers and logistics service providers to digital Proof of Condition in the supply chain is an inevitable shift that is taking place. It’s extremely exciting to be a leading product for our customers. Today’s investment marks the moment we turn from a start-up into a scale-up.’’ The investment will give CargoSnap a stronger market position in North America, Europe, and Latin America. As a logistics hub, the Netherlands is an excellent spot to build an international team to support global customers in reducing claims, saving time, and saving money.

Bastiaan van der Knaap, managing director of Rotterdam Port Fund explains: “We have tracked CargoSnap for well over a year now, and with its current customer base the team has proven itself to be an excellent market fit. There is a global trend in the acceptance and use of software technology in logistics. The Rotterdam Port Fund sees a strong and strategic market opportunity to scale the CargoSnap SaaS solution”.
Source: CargoSnap

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