RFOcean books four methanol dual-fuel chemical tankers in China

London-based RFOcean has placed an order for four 6,600 dwt methanol dual-fuel stainless steel chemical tankers at Wuhu Shipyard in China.

No price has been revealed, but brokers estimate the Frederik Rye-Florentz-led alternative investment and commercial management firm is paying around $80m for the quartet.

The largest shipbuilding enterprise in Anhui province, which counts battery giant CATL among its shareholders, will deliver the ships in 2025 and 2026.

The units will be an upgraded version of DC electric push duplex stainless steel intelligent chemical tankers previously built for Chinese operator Dingheng Shipping.

RFOcean lists a portfolio of six chemical tankers on its website, ranging in size between 3,557 dwt and 19,118 dwt. The company also has a shipmanagement subsidiary Miklagard S based in Istanbul.

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