Private enterprise joins Valenciaport’s decarbonisation plans

The port community integrated in the Ecoport II group is moving steadily towards the decarbonisation of its activity. This initiative – promoted by the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) – is made up of logistics/port companies that wish to optimise the environmental status of the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia. A total of 42 companies operating in the Valencian port areas are currently participating in this project and have joined the initiative on a voluntary basis.

At the meeting held to take stock of the first half of the year, they reviewed the environmental objectives and analysed their involvement in the ‘Valenciaport 2030, zero emissions’ strategy, reviewing the commitments acquired and which are additional to the Environmental Management System of each of them. Specifically, the companies that make up the Ecoport II Environmental Committee have described their participation in a total of nine environmental objectives of free compliance: increase in the percentage of recovered waste; reduction of water consumption by 1%; reduction of fuel consumption by 1%; reduction of electricity consumption by 1%; use of alternative energy sources; calculation of the carbon footprint; participation in environmental initiatives; identification of the circular economy; and adaptation to climate change.

Likewise, a review was made of some of the initiatives that the APV has underway to become a 100% green port by 2030: H2PORTS, Green C Ports, Ecclipse, Samoa 2, Ealing and Zero Emissions Plan 2030. In addition, the actions based on renewable energies and the decarbonisation plans were detailed.

Training and awareness-raising
In addition to the commitment to environmental objectives, these 42 companies have made an environmental commitment to training and awareness-raising. In this context, a training course on ‘Decarbonisation in Ports’ and a subsequent workshop on energy transition were held in the classrooms of the Valenciaport Foundation.

Federico Torres, head of Ecological Transition of the APV, welcomed the companies and started the training day that was held after the meeting and ended with a SEANERGY workshop. The workshop discussed the necessary transition to clean energy sources, the main barriers to achieving this and the main drivers of this transition.

Making the environmental commitment of port companies visible
The port community of the APV is increasingly adopting environmental business practices in order to become an emission neutral port, a roadmap which is also recognised and projected in exhibitions which are held periodically in the Clock Building of the Port of Valencia.

The last of these exhibitions, entitled ‘For an efficient, renewable, inclusive and sustainable present’, highlighted the work being carried out by the port community in decarbonisation and environmental sustainability and was attended by more than 3,231 people.
Source: The Port Authority of Valencia

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