Port Of Tanjung Pelepas And Johor Port Authority Join Forces To Empower Environment Sustainability In Local Community Through Volunteerism In Schools

Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd (PTP), a member of MMC Group, and Johor Port Authority (JPA) continue to empower the change of culture in preserving environment amongst the local community with the launching of Eco Lestari Program, together with the Ministry of Education and a local NGO, Kelab Alami Mukim Tanjung Kupang.

The program was launched today at PTP by Norlizah Noh, Chairman of the Education, Information and Communication, Johor State.

During her speech, Norlizah Noh is confident that the Eco Lestari Program is fully capable to be the right platform in building a culture of preserving environment and a shift in the way the local community approach environment sustainability through volunteerism.

Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd and Johor Port Authority are actively empowering the community’s culture and mindset towards environmental preservation through the launch of the Eco Lestari Program. This initiative is in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Kelab Alami Mukim Tanjung Kupang.

“All government efforts to achieve environment sustainability meant nothing without the support and involvement from all levels of the community.”

Monaliza Suhaimi, General Manager of JPA in her statement explained that the agency aspires to empower environment sustainability, especially in creating awareness and the culture of responsibility amongst the community to be part of the effort in preserving the environment.

“As a port authority responsible in managing the development of ports in Johor, JPA will continue to commit and support all efforts by the government to promote green agenda by intensifying activities and programs related to environmental sustainability.”

Marco Neelsen, Chief Executive Officer of PTP in his remark stated that the Eco Lestari Program is a series of environmental programs focusing on changing the culture/mindset of the community on preserving the environment with the goal of building a sustainable green community through environmentally friendly practices and volunteerism.

30 students from SK Pendas Laut, SK Tg Kupang, and SMK Tg Adang were appointed as ambassadors of the Eco Lestari Program, known as ‘ECO Warriors’. They will receive theoretical and practical knowledge under the supervision of Kelab Alami, a non-governmental organization focused on nature conservation in Mukim Tanjung Kupang, Gelang Patah.

“We selected 30 potential students from SK Pendas Laut, SK Tg Kupang and SMK Tg Adang as ambassadors of the program called ECO Warriors where they will be exposed to comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about environment sustainability by Kelab Alami, a Mukim Tanjung Kupang local initiative that works to enable the local community.

Muhammad Arif Lokman from SK Pendas Laut shares his joy after being selected as one of the ECO Warriors for the year 2023.

“Through my involvement in the Eco Lestari Program, my fellow warriors and I will be exposed and rated based on our understanding towards environment sustainability activities such as 3R, Biodiversity and mangrove rehabilitation by Kelab Alami.”

Through involvement in the Eco Lestari Program, the students will be assessed through their level of understanding of the environment such as 3R, Biodiversity and Mangroves.

“We hope from our involvement in the program can enable us and the community to change our approach towards our local surrounding through active and positive lifestyle”.

With the goal to Building a Sustainable, Green & Equitable Community Through The Empowerment of Economic Accessibility and Growth for the State Of Johor, PTP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework is divided into three main pillars, Eco Lestari Program, Kasih Lestari Program and Harapan Lestari Program.
Source: MMC Group

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