Port of Salalah Registers 100% in Roll-on, Roll-off Cargo Ship Operations

The Port of Salalah has registered 100pc in Roll-on, Roll-off Cargo Ship Operations (or RORO business).

The port made major progress in receiving an increasing number of Yemen-bound consignments of vehicles that are imported via Salalah and transported by land to Yemen.

A statement issued here today said the number of vehicles shipped to Salalah doubled over the past six months. The Port of Salalah handled 18,000 vehicles imported from the beginning of 2020 to August 2020, compared to 7,000 imported during the corresponding period in 2019.

This growth augmented the logistic value of the Sultanate at a rate of RO 5 million in terms of direct jobs and business won by Omani service providers.
Source: OMAN News

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