Port of Québec Deep-Water Container Terminal – 170 Québec Towns and Cities Support the Laurentia Project Français

Standing alongside the representatives of the Port of Québec, three elected municipal officials were present at a virtual conference to highlight the support offered by 170 municipalities and MRCs for the realization of the Laurentia project at the Port of Québec. For the municipalities concerned, the Port of Québec’s deep-water container terminal is a major benefit for the companies throughout their territories, both for the unique nature of its structuring effect, and for the development of their region and its direct contribution to economic recovery in Québec.

For the regions of central and eastern Québec, the container terminal will represent significant gains in competitiveness for their companies that import and export, just as it will make it possible, through its proximity and more affordable costs, to open the door to businesses which, until now, have not taken advantage of international markets. Moreover, the Container Use Study by Groupe DDM (2020) indicates that Laurentia would offer import/export companies in the Capitale-Nationale, Chaudière-Appalaches, Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Centre-du-Québec and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions, significant economic advantages in addition to allowing them to accelerate their growth by facilitating increased production volumes. The study notably finds:

• Annual savings of $17 million.
• Average savings of up to $25,000 for each business over the next three years.

Valued at $775 million, the container terminal planned by the Port of Québec and its operator partners, CN and Hutchison Ports, which are investing $505 million in the venture, will create 1,750 jobs/year during the construction phase and more than 1,000 additional permanent jobs during the operational phase. In the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) evaluation process since 2015, the Port of Québec has produced during this period 116 sectoral studies and invested more than $12 million in the analysis of the project with a view to assessing and identifying the means to reduce and mitigate the impacts of the project on the natural and social environment. During this process, the project has undergone several improvements that have resulted in its current optimized form – a fully automated container terminal.

“Laurentia will propel the Québec City and Chaudière-Appalaches regions to even greater heights. A container terminal that opens the door for us to the best commercial shipping routes in the world will have direct impacts right here. The geographic position of Lévis offers many possibilities for the development of a major logistics hub that will stimulate millions of dollars in new investments ”

Gilles Lehouillier, Mayor, Lévis

“The economy of our regions is based on our capacity to export what we produce. From this perspective, the development of a deep-water port that allows us to reach markets at lower costs, and therefore, to be more competitive, is a major asset. Laurentia must be operational as soon as possible so that we can quickly benefit from a quality infrastructure with very interesting strategic potential.”

Guylaine Sirois, Elected Prefect, MRC de Témiscouata

“We have businesses within our territory that are eager to have better access to new markets. This type of container terminal at the Port of Québec will connect us to the economic opportunities that often arise, for ourselves and our entrepreneurs, that are out of reach for those on the periphery of the major centres. This terminal will give us exceptional leverage for development and to open up the region.”

Normand Côté, Prefect, MRC de Lotbinière

“With Laurentia, the Port of Québec is keen to develop and renew itself for the benefit of the communities it touches, as it has always done throughout its history. Twenty years ago, it was cruise ships, today it is large container ships and the best rail routes in North America that we are activating in favour of thousands of communities in Québec and their growth-conscious businesses. With the water depth that is present in Québec City, we will bring to our doors the large ships plying the best global trade routes, the ones that are the most connected to growth markets. Our organization is moved and very encouraged by this welcome and this colossal desire, expressed by so many towns and cities that want to see Laurentia become a reality.”

Mario Girard, President and CEO, Québec Port Authority

Thanks to a joint $775 million investment by Hutchison Ports, CN, and the Port of Québec, Laurentia will be home to the deepest container terminal with the greenest environmental characteristics in North America. It will provide the fastest and most cost-effective access to markets on the North American continent by opening a new maritime highway between Southeast Asia and the Port of Québec starting in 2024.

Creator of 7,000 direct, indirect and spinoff jobs in Canada (equivalent to 1,750 full-time jobs/year) during its construction from 2021 to 2024, and more than 1,000 direct (highly paid), indirect and spinoff jobs in Canada once activity starts, the Laurentia container terminal will increase and secure the supply and export chain for Québec and the rest of the country.
Source: Port Of Quebec

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