Port of Newcastle builds container terminal team

Port of Newcastle has appointed another executive to pursue an expanded container terminal and is recruiting someone to manage the project.

Former Australian National Line operations manager Noel Dent has joined the port’s private operator as strategic development manager for the new terminal.

The port appointed former Hunter Business Chamber boss Glenn Thornton and former Aurizon executive Paul Brown last month and hired former NSW Nationals state director Ross Cadell as a lobbyist in January.

The port said on Monday that it had started recruiting a senior project manager for the container terminal, which would be on part of the former BHP steelworks site at Mayfield.

The terminal is the subject of an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission case progressing through the Federal Court against the government and NSW Ports, which operates the Botany and Port Kembla terminals.

The ACCC argues that fees imposed by the government on Newcastle to compensate the other ports are “illegal and anti-competitive”.

Port of Newcastle is gearing up to develop a new container terminal if the court case leads to the once-secret fee being scrapped.

The matter, including cross-claims filed by NSW Ports against Port of Newcastle and the government, is heading for a hearing in October.
Source: Newcastle Herald

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