Port of Long Beach: Cargo Operations Continue; Stakeholders Collaborate To Keep Goods, Economy Moving Forward

Cargo is flowing at the Port of Long Beach, where marine terminals are open and continue to operate as essential facilities while the city, county and state have directed residents to remain safe in their homes during the health crisis.

While there have been some canceled sailings, regular vessel calls and scheduled work shifts are continuing at the nation’s second-busiest seaport.

The Port and its Business Recovery Task Force are working to facilitate goods movement, addressing issues as they arise.

In addition to regular cargo operations, ocean carriers, terminal operators and dockworkers are teaming up to help move exports and empty containers off the docks and ship them overseas. This frees up valuable capacity in the supply chain. On April 7, the MSC Mia – one of the world’s largest container ships with a capacity of 23,756 TEUs – arrived at TTI on Pier T to collect exports and empties. See a video of the massive ship’s visit above.

The Port of Long Beach is open for business and we expect operations to continue as normal, with the health-protective measures as set in place by federal, state and local authorities.

While the Port is focused on the well-being of the workforce, all stakeholders are working diligently to ensure that cargo operations continue, maintaining a vital link in the supply chain to ensure everyday goods continue to be available to Americans.

The Port of Long Beach continues to advocate at all levels of government to ensure that ports and the broader supply chain continue to operate.

The Port Administration Building, Joint Security Command and Control Center and Maintenance Facility remain closed to the public until further notice. However, normal Port functions are continuing. Staff members are at work and will continue to facilitate cargo operations.

The Port is also collaborating with the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, supporting communications and planning efforts for the Health Department’s response. Local health officials are leading highly effective efforts to communicate with the public and to ensure continued vigilance.
Source: Port of Long Beach

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