Port Industry Takes Up Gauntlet for Safety Self-Assurance

Port Skills and Safety (PSS), sector body for health, safety and skills, has launched its Safety in Ports self-assurance programme to all UK ports.

The Safety in Ports (SiP) Impact Survey is based on HSE, Unite and industry joint-badged guidance. It helps ports to benchmark their procedures against nationally recognised standards and to develop improvement actions tailored to their needs.
Ports are invited to participate in this purpose-built process to promote continuous improvement in health and safety across the sector.

PSS Chief Executive Richard Steele explains that:

We were spurred on to develop the Survey process by an HSE challenge. The Safety in Ports Guidance is best in class. It is endorsed by HSE, Unite the Union and the whole industry. The question was, how to make sure that it was being used?

Richard goes on to say:

We didn’t want to simply go out and tick things off a list. We needed to give ports real opportunities for value-add learning. The SiP Impact Survey does just that. Participants can benchmark their activities and build their own bespoke responses to what we find together.

The survey will take place in two phases beginning September 2020. Phase one uses a remote questionnaire to allow managers and workforce to self-report on awareness and utilisation of the national SiP guidance.

Phase two is a boots-on-the-ground, Covid-secure, visit using a bespoke SiP Analysis Tool. This is done jointly between PSS and port staff and examines the practical implementation of SiPs on site.

Chair of Port Skills and Safety David Brown commented that:

The SiP Impact Survey creates benefits for the whole sector as well as individual ports. We will use it to share examples of every-day best practice, taking place in real port settings throughout our industry.
Source: British Ports Association

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