Port Houston has joined the Portchain Connect Network

Portchain today announced that Port Houston has joined the Portchain Connect network. Port Houston uses Portchain Connect to increase the quality and speed of their berth alignment with customers through digital handshakes and secure data sharing. Portchain is excited to partner with Port Houston to streamline their communication and improve overall berth alignment. Portchain Connect enables Port Houston to receive real-time schedule and move count updates directly from carrier systems, and enables them to respond and counter propose quickly to align the vessel schedule with the terminal berth plan. Port Houston has also integrated their berth plan with Portchain Connect to fully automate data transfer and update and notify the carrier of berth schedule changes instantaneously, saving time and providing updates with high frequency and accuracy.

“Port Houston has a strategic objective to enhance efficiency and resilience through innovative technology. We are excited to improve our berth alignment and collaboration with our customers. The automated data exchange and digital collaboration saves time and effort and improves the berth scheduling process.”

Mike Shaffner, Director Operations Planning and Technology, Port Houston

Photo: Barbours Cut Terminal © Port Houston

Portchain Connect
Portchain Connect streamlines the flow of schedule data to shorten the time to align the berthing window. The platform allows terminals and carriers to share and receive quality data and reduce delays in information transmission. Portchain Connect provides users with an easy-to-use overview of all their vessel calls and ensures they can securely transfer berthing information, remove the costs associated with manual non-digitised communication and align on berthing windows to improve schedule reliability. Download the brochure for more information.

“We are excited to work with Port Houston and help them drive efficiencies in their berth alignment process by facilitating streamlined data exchange. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and continuously improving the platform based on user feedback”
Thor Thorup, CCO & Co-Founder
Source: Portchain

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