Port Development Alliance In China

Two China-based port groups will work together to improve the quality of port development projects.

Tianjin Port Group (TPG) and Xiamen Port Holding Group (XPG) have signed the ‘Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for Construction of World-Class Ports’.

The two parties said they will make use of their respective geographical advantages and resource advantages, strengthen comprehensive hub port functions and comprehensively enhance the quality of port developments by strengthening cooperation on various initiatives.

These include ‘Two ports One shipping’ route development, ‘Silk Road Shipping’ brand building, intelligent green port construction, supply chain business cooperation and capital operations

The port groups aim to better serve national strategies, such as ‘Belt and Road’, the Jing-Jin-Ji collaborative development, construction of Xiong’an New Area and the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

They stated that their plans could aid Tianjin Port in becoming a sustainable, ‘smart port and help Xiamen Port to be the southeast international shipping centre and the hub port in the core area of the Maritime Silk Road, with an aim to contribute to China’s economic development and maintain stability of the global industrial supply chain, enhance global resource allocation and strategic innovation capabilities.

At the same time, Tianjin Port Group, Xiamen Port Holding Group and Zhonggu Shipping Group have signed the ‘Two Ports One Shipping Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement’.

The three parties plan to make use of their unique advantages in their respective geographical and business areas and further promote business cooperation between the ports. They aim to accelerate in-depth cooperation of the ‘Two Ports One Shipping’ initiative, establish long-term strategic partnerships, and jointly construct the transportation and trade channels between Tianjin and Xiamen ports with an aim to elevate competitiveness and business growth of all parties and promote regional economic development.
Source: Platts

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