Odfjell signs up for suction sail system

Odfjell has become the first company to sign up for suction wind propulsion on a deepsea chemical tanker, opting to use bound4blue’s eSail system.

“This technology has significant potential to reduce emissions by harvesting the energy on the ship itself and transforming it directly into a forward thrust,” said Jan Opedal, manager of projects at Odfjell.

“We are thrilled to team up with Odfjell for our first-ever installation in the tanker segment. They are true pioneers in innovation and sustainability, setting the bar for decarbonisation in the industry,” said David Ferrer, CTO of bound4blue.

The pioneer installation will be completed in 2024 with Odfjell suggesting the technology ought to deliver average fuel savings of 9%.

On top of the wind propulsion investment, Odfjell has also revealed that in the coming months it will install an air lubrication system on one pilot vessel. The company expects net CO2 reductions of 6-8 %, which needs to be verified in the pilot.

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