Nøklebye to take on Wallenius Lines CEO role in October

Erik Nøklebye has been appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Swedish shipping company Wallenius Lines.

Nøklebye has extensive experience in the shipping and PCTC segment and has worked in different parts of the shipping structure since the foundation of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines in 1999.

He has worked in both Wallenius Wilhelmsen and RoRo shipping company EUKOR and has since 2020 been responsible for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Shipping, based in South Korea. He will start work at his new position on October 1, 2023.

Jonas Kleberg, the current chairman and president of Wallenius Lines, will remain in the chairman seat as well as the CEO and chairman role of Wallenius Lines’ parent company Soya Group.

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