New best practices for shipping sector in Oman announced

The Ministry of Transport will adopt news international best practices for the shipping sector from the beginning of June.

A statement issued online by the ministry said, “The Ministry of Transport issued a circular to adopt global best practices in shipping operations and integration of the systems of shipping agents and freight brokers with a single electronic window system.”

“Through ministerial circular No. (4/2020) that issues from the first of June 2020, all shipping agents and freight brokers must submit a statement of the ship’s cargo electronically through the customs “Bayan” system 48 hours before the ship’s arrival at the ports of the Sultanate. If the journey period is less than 48 hours, the cargo statement must be presented immediately upon the departure of the ship to the last port before the final destination, in addition to issuing a notice to customers two days before the arrival of the ship clarifying the shipping fees.”

The ministry added, “The circular clarifies the necessity for all shipping agents and freight brokers to provide a list of the types of services in the origin country and the destination for full container services and split containers, and send them to the Ministry of Transport to ensure import and export competitiveness in the Sultanate.”

“Starting work on these procedures will facilitate documentary review and analysis of risks by the General Administration of Customs before the arrival of the goods, in addition to its importance in pre-customs clearance of the goods before their arrival at the ports of the Sultanate, in addition to shortening the time and reducing the operating cost for dealers in the supply chain in the Sultanate.”
Source: Times of Oman

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