Murmansk Governor: hub cargo handling capacity should be increased to 100 million tonnes

The cargo handling capacity of the Murmansk transport hub’s railroad part will be increased to 100 million tonnes, the Murmansk Region’s Governor Andrei Chibis told reporters on Wednesday. The initial version of the project provided for the total annual cargo handling capacity of 28 million tonnes.

The Murmansk hub is the biggest hub in Russia’s northern coastal area. The project to develop it includes an all-weather deepwater seaport on the western coast of the Kola Bay to handle oil and coal. The port will be integrated into the North-South international transport corridor. Earlier, in May, the governor asked the government to support increasing the cargo handling capacity to 44 million tonnes.

“It is very important for us to finalize the project’s first stage, but the project’s development is above all. The initial announced capacity was not more than 28 million tonnes. Nowadays we see the demand for 44 million tonnes, and we realize clearly this is just the beginning. We hope that jointly [with RZD — Russian Railways] <...> we shall boost the capacity to 100 million tonnes,” he told reporters. “These additional capacities, which will be reached by 2030 in the Murmansk Region, will favor development of the regional economy and the country’s economy.”

The Murmansk hub is the gateway into the Northern Sea Route, he continued, pointing to high interest from existing and potential investors in bigger cargo handling capacity and in efficient port infrastructures.

“This logistics hub <...> will boost the economy of North-West and the entire Arctic,” the governor said.
Source: TASS

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