Ministers Of Agriculture From Portugal And Brazil Visit Porto De Sines With A Focus On Agribusiness

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil, Tereza Cristina and the Minister of Agriculture of Portugal, Maria do Céu Antunes, visited the Port of Sines. The delegation also included the Deputy Secretary of State for Communications, Hugo Mendes, and the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Eurico Brilhante Dias.

This visit was part of the official program of the Brazilian government to Portugal and was part of the promotion and development strategy of the Port of Sines and of the adjacent industrial and logistical areas for agribusiness. Indeed, the new dynamics of the international market, in which Brazil is becoming increasingly important, make it increasingly important to review the agro-industrial logistics circuit in Europe.

The use of a deep-water port in the south of the continent, allows, on the one hand, transhipment operations to North Africa, the Mediterranean and Atlantic Europe itself and, on the other hand, the installation in Sines, under very competitive conditions , industrial and / or logistical projects that add value to the agri-food logistics chain.

With the high potential offered by the Multipurpose Terminal of Sines, associated with the availability of regular line services guaranteed by the Container Terminal, in addition to the availability of areas for the installation of agribusiness projects in the port and in ZILS, the port of Sines can assert itself as a new European agribusiness hub. This deep water port can thus be a strategic point for international trade and agribusiness, where Brazil is a potential strategic partner.
Source: Port of Sines

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