London retains maritime arbitration crown

London handled more than 85% of the world’s maritime arbitration in 2022 according to the findings of a new report published by law firm HFW.

The report shows that in 2022 the UK capital handled approximately 1,907 new cases. This represents an almost 12% increase on the 1,703 cases in 2021.

London’s closest rival Singapore handled 96 new references, with Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai among the other top arbitration spots.

Maritime and transport arbitration featured prominently in London arbitration institutions’ caseloads in 2022, with the LMAA seeing the highest volume of references since 2016 and 37% of the London Court of International Arbitration’s referrals for arbitration falling within this sector.

“While international competition is on the rise, with other key players such as Singapore and Hong Kong emerging from the rest of the pack, we do not expect to see any significant decline in London’s popularity in the years ahead,” said Michael Ritter, a partner at HFW.

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