Leveraging Logistics to Support Sustainable Development: Abu Dhabi (AD) Ports’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to Speak at African Energy Week (AEW) 2023

Effective and modern port infrastructure and services play an indispensable role in advancing energy development and monetization. As Africa endeavors to enhance the development and exploitation of its extensive energy resources, spanning oil, gas, and emerging energies like hydrogen, the need for collaboration with well-established and dependable port operations and logistics companies like Abu Dhabi Ports (AD Ports) becomes paramount.

In this context, African Energy Week (AEW) 2023, the premier event for the continent’s energy sector scheduled for October 16-20 in Cape Town, welcomes Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Managing Director and Group CEO of AD Ports, as a distinguished speaker. As a representative of a company at the forefront of accelerated and sustainable port infrastructure development, industrial cities and logistics services worldwide, Shamisi’s participation at AEW 2023 assumes critical significance in showcasing and leveraging opportunities in port infrastructure expansion and business ventures available in Africa. This aligns with Africa’s pursuit of an energy renaissance and its emphasis on the revitalization of infrastructure and logistics services.

Under Shamisi’s visionary leadership, AD Ports has played a pivotal role in the expansion and modernization of Africa’s port infrastructure, contributing to some of the continent’s most substantial developments. Notable examples include AD Ports’ collaboration with the governments of Somaliland and Ethiopia to expand the Berbera Port as part of efforts to transform the port into a regional logistics hub. In February 2023, the firm also inked an agreement with Angola’s Ministry of Transport and state-owned logistics firm UNICARGAS to optimize port infrastructure development and operations across the southern African country. With Angola advancing the monetization of its petroleum resources, the modernization of ports will go a long way in driving the sustainable growth of the country’s energy market.

Shamisi has also led the UAE-based company into agreements with various Egyptian logistics entities, including the Red Sea Ports Authority and the Egyptian Group for Multipurpose Terminals Company. These agreements comprise the development, operation and management of the Safaga, Ain Sokhna, Minya, Damietta and Greater Cairo Ports, and are poised to strengthen energy and commodity-related exports.

Recognizing the growth potential within Africa’s energy-producing nations, AD Ports has expressed interest in investments in Mozambique’s Maputo and Nacala ports and in Ghana through a partnership with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority. As Mozambique accelerates its natural gas development, including successful gas exports through the Eni-led Coral South project in December 2022 and upcoming projects like TotalEnergies’ Mozambique Liquefied Natural Gas development, modern port infrastructure is pivotal for expanding the country’s energy market. With AD Ports actively seeking to expand existing partnerships and forge new collaborations across Africa with the aim of shaping sustainable development on the continent, AEW 2023 stands as the premier platform for Shamisi to engage with African and global policymakers, infrastructure managers and investors, fostering discussions and facilitating deals.

“AD Ports’ services and commitment to the African market has enabled the continent to enhance port infrastructure and boost maritime trade which are crucial for sustainable development. With African countries seeking to accelerate energy exports amid economic growth targets, companies like AD Ports will play a crucial role in strengthening logistics and transport across the industry,” stated NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber (AEC).

During the event, Shamisi will actively engage in high-level panel discussions, shedding light on AD Ports’ business interests within Africa’s thriving logistics, energy services, and infrastructure development sectors. Under the theme, ‘The African Energy Renaissance: Prioritizing Energy Poverty, People, the Planet, Industrialization and Free Markets’, AEW 2023 will host Shamisi in exclusive networking sessions and deal-signings, showcasing the company’s growth strategy within the African continent.
Source: African Energy Chamber

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