Konecranes Plc Announces Positive Results Of The Noteholders’ Meeting In Respect Of Its Notes Due 2022

The meeting of the holders of Konecranes Plc’s (“Konecranes” or the “Issuer”) EUR 250,000,000 1.750 per cent notes due 2022 (ISIN FI4000266606) (the “Notes”) was held on 16 December 2020.

The holders of the Notes resolved to approve the Issuer’s proposals relating to granting consents and waivers (the “Consents and Waivers”) and took decisions to amend the terms and conditions of the Notes (the “Amendments”).

The Consent, Waivers and Amendments will become effective on the date (the “Effective Date”) when the proposed combination of Konecranes and Cargotec Corporation (“Cargotec”) (the “Merger”) is approved at the extraordinary general meetings of shareholders of Konecranes and Cargotec convened to be held on 18 December 2020. The occurrence of the Effective Date will be announced by a separate stock exchange release.

The payment of the instruction fees payable in connection with the consent solicitation process will occur no later than twenty (20) business days following the Effective Date.

In the event the Merger is not approved at the extraordinary general meetings of shareholders (including any adjourned meetings) and the Effective Date does not occur, any and all Consents, Waivers and Amendments shall lapse, and no instruction fees shall be payable.
Source: Konecranes

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