Konecranes expands its award-winning Agilon system to grocery pickups with integrated cold storage

Konecranes has expanded its award-winning Agilon material handling system to grocery pickups with integrated cold storage. This innovative new solution, called Agilon Grocery Pickup, combines storage at room and refrigerated temperatures, with groceries and parcels stored in temperature-controlled compartments until pickup. Frozen products are packed in thermo boxes. When customers pick up their purchases, the robot inside the system delivers groceries and parcels to a self-service pickup point that meets all accessibility requirements.

“Online grocery shopping is a growing trend globally, and we have recently seen a dramatic increase due to the coronavirus pandemic. Retail chains are doing their utmost to increase their capacity using cold lockers and manual pickup services. Combining all customer pickups in the same process, the Agilon Grocery Pickup solution enables retail chains to provide safe and convenient automated pickups for their customers,” says Tapani Tilus, Vice President and Head of the Agilon business at Konecranes.

The first pilot installations of Agilon Grocery Pickup have been carried out in cooperation with K Group, one of the largest retail chains in the Nordic region, and Smartmile, which is building a shared and sustainable online delivery platform in Europe. This first-of-its-kind service is now active in two locations in Finland. Konecranes sees good opportunities to expand the product globally in the future.
Source: Konecranes

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