Infrastructure Investment At Spanish Port

A Spanish port authority is preparing for new infrastructure at one of its ports to help it harness future growth.

The President of the Port Authority of Valencia (Valenciaport), Aurelio Martínez, said that Valenciaport will begin studies for a third dock in the multi-purpose Port of Sagunto.

“The future of Valenciaport’s growth lies in Sagunto and we must think about the design of the third basin that we want for the Port of Sagunto to include it in the Strategic Plan,” he said.

Mr Martínez explained that “given the complexity of the port works and the fact that traffic continues to grow, it is time to start thinking about this third dock to adapt it to the current needs of the market and port activity”.

Earlier this month, Mr Martínez stressed that infrastructure investment is amongst the preparations that should be made to manage the challenges presented by medium- and long-term international trade trends.
Source: Port Strategy

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