ICTSI Australia lowers power consumption, carbon emissions with LED lighting

Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) in Melbourne, Australia has successfully lowered its power consumption and carbon emissions through the installation of LED lighting upgrades on all five automated quay cranes.

Led by VICT’s Engineering and Facilities team, the upgrade reduced overall electricity usage by 971 megawatt hours and carbon emissions by 1,042 tons (88 percent reduction). The upgrade equates to an average savings of AUD85,000 per annum for VICT.

Each crane originally utilized 47 1,000-watt high-pressure sodium lights. These were replaced with 14 400-watt LED lights strategically placed to maximize the new fittings. VICT’s highly qualified in-house technicians removed the old fittings and ballast to refit the new LED lights, which further reduced light spill to the residential neighborhood near the terminal.

The upgrade to LED lighting benefits both VICT’s ongoing operational expense reduction program and the environment. Moreover, it allowed the Company to successfully demonstrate to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) that under the Victoria Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, quay cranes should be reclassified and considered for environmental and sustainability initiatives qualified for rebates as reward similar to other outdoor settings across Victoria.

The team’s hard work thereafter secured VICT’s eligibility to receive a rebate from the ESC amounting to AUD200,715.53 (USD146,347.32). The Company continues to work with the ESC for further rebates which could unlock additional sustainability programs and increase the rebate amount under the scheme.
Source: ICTSI

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