Hydrogen-powered vessel starts running Nike products inland from Rotterdam

Dutch shipping company Future Proof Shipping (FPS) officially launched its first hydrogen-powered inland container ship, H2 Barge 1, in Rotterdam yesterday, claiming it is a zero-emissions vessel. The ship was retrofitted with money coming from state coffers.

Earlier in the week, Nike introduced the H2 Barge 1 at its European Logistics Campus in Laakdal, Belgium. As part of its journey toward a zero carbon and zero waste future, Nike is partnering with FPS and BCTN Network of Inland Terminals, to accelerate zero-emission shipping.

Future Proof Shipping’s zero-emissions 110 m by 11.45 m inland containership, H2 Barge 1 is chartered by BCTN on behalf of Nike. The vessel, expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,000 tonnes of CO2e per year, will sail between Rotterdam and BCTN’s inland terminal in Meerhout several times a week.

In a suitably sneaker-laden speech, Richard Klatten, CEO of FPS, commented: “We have been working for a couple of years now to ensure we tread more lightly on the planet. This shipping project proves that moving cargo with zero-emissions and zero impact is possible, and we hope it accelerates the industry to follow in Nike’s footsteps and move to zero… This is a pivotal moment, not just for Future Proof Shipping but for the future of shipping.”

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