Gothenburg, Overijssel and Haeger & Schmidt visualise container transport network with Routescanner

At Transport Logistic in Munich, Routescanner, the route planning tool for containerised transport, announced that the Port of Gothenburg, Logistics Overijssel and Haeger & Schmidt will be offering Routescanner in order to visualise their entire container transport network for their customers.

Starting next week, Gothenburg and Overijssel will be offering Routescanner Direct Connections on their websites. This service shows all available container connections via the ports, providing users with an overview of the available routes, including information such as lead times and frequencies. By taking this step they join a group of ports and regions that already use this service, such as Amsterdam, Antwerp-Bruges, Duisport, Jadeweser Port, Rotterdam, Sohar, Limburg (LIOF), MCA Brabant and Deltaport.

Transparency and sustainability
Jacob Minnhagen, Senior Market Development Manager at the Gothenburg Port Authority: “Transparency and sustainability are important values for the Port of Gothenburg. We do everything we can to offer our customers the conditions needed for effective and sustainable decisions. With Routescanner, we are taking the next step by providing access to a digital infrastructure that visualises our sea and hinterland connections, services, and sustainability values. The result is significant added value for our customers.”

Haeger & Schmidt will also be supplying Direct Connections. This makes the company the first operator to present a clear visualisation of its multi-modal container routes with Routescanner.

Chantal Gouka welcomes representatives of the clients and partners of Routescanner at Transport Logistic in Munich (image: Frank Snel).

Fastest or most sustainable
Felix Zocher, General Manager of the Intermodal division of Haeger & Schmidt: “We are pleased to provide our clients with Routescanner – a holistic digital information system for intermodal connections – on our website in order to provide a picture of our network. The visualisation of the schedules makes it easy to compare container transports and to identify the fastest or most sustainable route.”

“In addition to ports, operators are now also starting to see the added value of visualising their network with our ‘Direct Connections’ service,” explains Chantal Gouka, the Managing Director of Routescanner. “New partners are joining all the time, resulting in the world’s most comprehensive container shipping network. We are already the biggest database for container schedules, with information on container schedules from over 200 operators. In Munich, we are celebrating the fact that we are extending that position even further. Our partner network means that we are enhancing the global overview of container transport routes and that we are contributing to the transparency, sustainability and efficiency of the logistics sector. Let’s rethink supply chains together!”
Source: Routescanner

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