Golar LNG Partners LP and Golar Power Ltd. enter into cooperation agreement to develop LNG terminals from Golar LNG Partners LP’s asset portfolio

Golar LNG Partners LP and Golar Power Ltd. (“Golar Power”) have entered into a cooperation agreement where the parties intend to work together to develop hub-spoke LNG terminal solutions utilizing GMLP’s available asset portfolio, where GMLP’s assets are technically suitable. The terms and structure of the commercial cooperation will be worked on a project by project basis given the customized nature of each potential terminal.

As part of the agreement, Golar Power and Golar Partners have agreed to terminate the existing Omnibus agreement between the entities.

Karl Fredrik Staubo, CEO of Golar LNG Partners LP commented. “We are excited to formalize a commercial cooperation with Golar Power, to leverage the expertise of the Golar Power team to develop FSRU terminals and parcel regasification demand. This agreement will, alongside normal FSRU tendering activity, increase the Partnership’s re-contracting options, and provide an opportunity to potentially earn higher returns than standard FSRU contracts. The Partnership’s assets provide an opportunity to fast-track global terminal opportunities that should benefit both parties.”
Source: Golar LNG Partners LP

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