GCT Vanterm Implements Navis N4 as Part of $160M Modernization Project

Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, and the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global shipping industry, announced today that Global Container Terminals (GCT) Vanterm has gone live with Navis N4 via remote assistance. Following the announcement of its New York location going live with Navis earlier this year, GCT continued to invest in Navis’ innovative technology by selecting them for the TOS at its Vanterm location, which also marked the final GCT terminal to go-live on N4 in North America.

Located in the inner harbor, GCT Vanterm operates in naturally occurring deep water and is considered the most productive terminal in the Port of Vancouver. With strategic plans to modernize operations and increase capacity at the terminal by 25% in the near-term, GCT selected N4 for its Vanterm location to help achieve its business goals with a more contemporary TOS. The N4 go-live was part of GCT Vanterm’s $160 million modernization and densification project to implement more technologically advanced solutions, increase capacity within the terminal’s existing footprint, create jobs in the region and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at its location. GCT Vanterm was also the final of four GCT operated terminals in North America to implement N4 on-site, which will help standardize operations and IT infrastructure across the continent for better service to its customers.

“GCT Vanterm is known for its industry-leading productivity and this important upgrade supports our commitment to maintaining that advantage as we digitize and grow the terminal. With GCT Vanterm’s upgrade to Navis N4, we are ensuring that our customers have access to best-in-class service, consistency and visibility across all four terminals GCT operates,” said Erik Ward, CIO at GCT. “We are proud of our ongoing investment in the best technology, people, and processes to enhance fluidity, transparency, safety, and service.”

“At Navis, we know now more than ever, providing customers with top service and innovative offerings is essential to maintain and grow any terminal business. By working with our customers to upgrade their systems to a more modern TOS via remote support, we have helped countless customers forge ahead with business plans and reach their operational goals this year,” said Kim Kuesel. VP & General Manager, Americas at Navis. “We are glad to have built an extensive partnership with GCT and look forward to helping its terminals run at their peak performance together using N4 TOS.”
Source: Navis

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