GCT Deltaport Celebrates Completion of Final Tracks at Deltaport Intermodal Rail Yard

GCT Canada is pleased to announce the completion of the final two tracks of the GCT Deltaport Intermodal Rail Yard Expansion Project, which sets GCT Deltaport apart as the most efficient and capable ship-to-rail discharge facility in the world.

The GCT Deltaport Intermodal Rail Yard Expansion Project is the second, $300 million privately-funded stage of the multi-phased expansion Deltaport Terminal Road and Rail Improvement Project (DTRRIP), a collaboration with the Port Authority and the Province of British Columbia. The densification approach to this project demonstrates GCT’s commitment to increasing capacity within our existing footprint and minimizing operational and environmental impacts on the surrounding community.

This project also ensures B.C. remains competitive to meet projected carrier rail demand for the Canadian and US markets, without any impact to local road traffic. Further, the GCT Deltaport Intermodal Rail Yard Expansion Project:

• Improves safety;
• Increases rail capacity enabling sustainable intermodal cargo growth;
• Improves operational performance and provide surge and recovery capacity;
• Decreases noise and greenhouse gas emissions with the introduction of modernized electric CRMGs; and
• Reduces light pollution as a result of the new energy-efficient LED lights.

As the premier ship-to-rail terminal on the continent, rail handling capacity at GCT Deltaport has increased by more than 50% due to the project. The total terminal capacity is now 2.4 million TEUs annually. This state-of-the-art, fully operational rail yard provides necessary surge capacity and added certainty on transit and dwell times for our customers.

“Integrity and reliability of the supply chain is more important than ever as affirmed by the events of this year. The completion of this project will provide our customers and Canadians with the peace of mind to know that GCT has the capacity and capability to get them what they need when they need it. GCT Deltaport Rail Yard is fully operational and ready for Canadian winters”, says Doron Grosman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Container Terminals Inc.”

As a Canada Port Authority, we’re mandated to protect the environment and consider communities that neighbour the port, while ensuring port infrastructure is in place to handle our country’s expected growth in trade. GCT’s completion of its intermodal rail yard expansion is a welcome achievement towards that effort, demonstrating the port’s readiness to grow with trade demand,” says Peter Xotta, Vice President, Planning and Operations, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.
Source: GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.

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