Evergreen latest liner in the dock over shipper complaints

Taiwan’s Evergreen stands accused of failing to stick to its contract, forcing a car parts firm to shift some of its shipments onto highly inflated spot terms.

Evergreen has until to the end of the month to respond to the case filed by CertiFit, one of many lodged at the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington DC.

The complaint claims Evergreen “initiated a practice of systematically failing to meet its quantity commitments,” under its service contract, leaving Utah-based CertiFit scrambling onto the highly expensive spot market where the car parts company alleges containers were only delivered to the nearest rail yard rather than to its own facilities. Evergreen’s actions cost CertiFit around $750,000, the complaint alleges.

The FMC has been besieged with record numbers of shipper complaints during the period of liner shipping’s greatest era of profits.

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