EU to block ports for vessels transporting Russian oil evading sanctions – media

The 11th EU sanctions package against Russia provides for the ban on access to the European ports for the vessels, which are trying to evade the previously imposed sanctions on Russian oil.

The European Commission, which spread the project of the new sanctions against Russia among the EU member states, explains the necessity for new restrictions with an “sharp increase in deceptive practices, and related environmental risks” by the vessels that are trying to evade the price cap for the Russian oil and the ban of its import to the EU by sea.

According to the new sanctions, the vessels that evade sanctions or are suspected of evasion through the transshipment of oil must be taken out of the ports and sluices.

In December 2022, the EU banned the transportation of Russian oil by sea. Nevertheless, Russia found a way to evade this restriction by transshipping its oil from one vessel to another in the sea.

Reportedly, Moscow has created a “shadow fleet” for this operation of tankers, based on the old vessels of the Western states, which they were planning to put into storage or sell for scrap.

Earlier on Monday, 8 May, it was revealed that the European Commission submitted its suggestions concerning the 11th sanctions package against Russia to the EU member states last week.

The EU is also discussing a new sanctions mechanism directed at the third states that do not put enough effort into preventing Russia from the already imposed restrictions.
Source: European Pravda

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