Do Not Part With Your Hard – Earned Cash Warns Transnet Port Terminals

Service providers and job seekers are increasingly falling prey to scammers requesting cash upfront for securing COVID19 related tenders and general employment, warns Transnet Port Terminals (TPT). While social media platforms have previously been used throughout the year to advertise false opportunities, the intensity this year is at an all-time high.

According to Mbali Mathenjwa, TPT Corporate Affairs Executive Manager, “We will keep appealing to members of the public not to part with their hard earned cash. No legitimate Transnet opportunity will ever require cash upfront”. She added that verifying all opportunities on the official company website and that of the National Treasury was a sure way to establish whether the adverts were valid or not. Last year, TPT launched its annual nationwide #PhansiNgoTsotsiAwayWithCriminals campaign tipping members of the public on how to spot job scams. “We would like to thank members of the public for the information they have been sharing with us and for calling our offices when not sure of advertised opportunities,” said Mathenjwa.

Daily, TPT averages about seven (7) calls from victims desperate to get their money back from criminals who have vanished. At this time, it is often too late and the information required by investigators to help them is often not available or outdated. “To determine whether adverts are real or fake, there are three main red flags. The first one is that a Transnet email address ends with a dot net (.net). No cell phone numbers are ever shared by recruiters and Supply Chain Management personnel. And lastly, no money is ever required from interested individuals” said Mathenjwa.

Members of the public are urged to use the anonymous tip offs line 0800 003 056 especially when they see a friend or family member fall for the scam. Providing details like cellphone numbers and names of the criminal, receipts and proofs of payment as well as date and venue of arranged meetings will go a long way in helping with the arrest criminals.

Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) is a division of Transnet SOC Ltd and South Africa’s (SA) leading terminal operator responsible for loading and offloading cargo aboard vessels calling the seven SA ports. Boasting a staff compliment of 9000 across 16-sea cargo and 3 inland terminals, TPT’s current plans are focused on geographic expansion, service innovation and diversification aided by competitive approaches hinted by the fourth industrial revolution.
Source: Transnet Port Terminals

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