Crane Catches Fire At The Durban Multi-Purpose Terminal

Transnet Port Terminals reports an unfortunate incident where a mobile harbour crane caught fire at the Durban Multi-Purpose Terminal. The incident happened in the early hours of this morning. No injuries were sustained and the crane operator was safely evacuated from the machine. The vessel on berth was also safely moved to outer anchorage.

Terminal management has addressed the employees on shift and counselling services will be offered through the company’s employment assistance programme. Operations have stopped to allow for clearing of worksite. An incident investigation will be set up shortly to identify the root cause of the occurrence – which is unknown at this stage; and determine the extent of the damage and the overall impact of the incident.

The terminal has activated a business continuity plan to minimise the impact on operations. Engagements with customers are ongoing.

The Durban Multi-Purpose Terminal is one of 19 Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), South Africa’s leading terminal operator responsible for loading and offloading cargo aboard vessels calling the seven South African ports. Boasting a staff compliment of over 9000 across 16 sea terminals and 3 inland terminals, TPT’s operations target four major market sectors namely: automotive, containers, bulk and break bulk. Current plans are focused on geographic expansion, service innovation and diversification aided by competitive approaches hinted by the fourth industrial revolution.
Source: Transnet Port Terminals (TPT)

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