Colombia’s QBS expands bunkers operations to Santa Marta

Colombian outfit Quality Bunkers Supply has expanded its operations to provide marine fuel options via the port of Santa Marta, a company source said.

Prior to the expansion, QBS had been active in the bunkers markets of Barranquilla – where it is based – and Cartagena, giving it now three positions in the Caribbean.

“We are currently the preferred option for bunkers in Barranquilla with 10 years’ experience in the market and … are now expanding our operations to Santa Marta, with QBS being fully authorized by the port authority to deliver fuels by trucks,” the source said.

The Santa Marta operations will come with a capacity of 4,000 mt for retail 0.5%S marine fuel, which has largely taken the place of 3.5%S IFO 380 this year following the implementation of IMO 2020 lower sulfur requirements.

QBS will also be able to deliver 0.1%S MGO in Santa Marta by truck “with no volume limit,” the source added, adding that deliveries started in the current week.

The company’s operations in Barranquilla and Cartagena include both barge and truck delivery, the source confirmed.

Santa Marta lies on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia and is a key port for bunkering coal vessels, oil tankers and other container ships. Prior to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, bunkering in Santa Marta for cruise ships was also a key consumption point, the source added.

Spot pricing in Cartagena – the only Colombian port assessed for bunkers by S&P Global Platts – trended higher to close the week on talk of higher indications.

The delivered-Cartagena spot price of IFO 380 rose $3 on the day to $360/mt, while 0.5%S value climbed $6 day on day to $379/mt delivered. MGO pricing was assessed at $459/mt delivered Cartagena, up $1 day on day.

Values in Barranquilla were talked during the week anywhere from parity with Cartagena to a premium of $10-$20/mt, while spot pricing in Santa Marta was heard $40 above the Barranquilla market.
Source: Platts

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