Circular Economy Action Plan Report European Parliament

The environmental committee of the European Parliament is working on a so-called own initiative report in the field of circular economy. In this report, coordinated by VVD MEP Jan Huitema, the European Parliament gives its opinion on the Circular Economy action plan 2.0, which was presented in March.

The port of Rotterdam wholeheartedly endorses the importance of a stimulating framework for scaling up circular processes and supports many of the recommendations put forward by Jan Huitema and for example Esther de Lange. As a port, we draw particular attention to the importance of chemical recycling and CCU applications. Emphasizing a technology-neutral framework for chemical recycling is important for the circular clusters like Rotterdam because chemical recycling technologies, such as solvolysis, depolymerization, pyrolysis and gasification, are necessary to supplement mechanical recycling technologies and to increase the recycling percentages in the EU.

Additionally the port advocates for the need to make optimal use of waste flows and to invest in development of innovative waste sorting, separation and processing technologies and hubs to ensure production of sufficient safe and high-quality secondary resources. Finally, with regard to CCU, CO2 should be seen as an important carbon source. To stimulate the use of various CCU applications an integrated policy context and incentive system, provided by energy, climate and circular economy policies, is needed.
Source: Port of Rotterdam

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