Cape Town Terminals Are Operational

The Cape Town Container Terminal (CTCT) and the Cape Town Multi-Purpose Terminal remain operational despite the increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases in the Western Cape. These terminals have been moving import and export cargo since Level 5. Acting Terminal Manager Oscar Borchards said, “As a responsible employer vested in the health and safety of our employees, we continue to ensure adherence to all health protocols to ensure the wellbeing of those waking up daily to serve South Africa”. Despite allowing periods of self-quarantine while awaiting results, the loading and offloading of cargo continues. The terminals have maintained communication with all its’ customers since the beginning of the national lockdown and will continue to engage them on day-to-day matters. We continue to monitor on a daily basis shift performance as well as compliance to standard COVID -19 preventative measures that the terminals have put in place.

The Cape Town Container Terminal is one of 19 Transnet Port Terminals (TPT). TPT is South Africa’s leading terminal operator responsible for loading and offloading cargo aboard vessels calling the seven South African ports. Boasting a staff compliment of over 9000 across 16 sea terminals and 3 inland terminals, TPT’s operations target four major market sectors namely: automotive, containers, bulk and break bulk. Current plans are focused on geographic expansion, service innovation and diversification aided by competitive approaches hinted by the fourth industrial revolution.
Source: Transnet Port Terminals (TPT)

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