Cadiz-Port Holds Its Second Webinar And Announces Its First Business Roundtable

Jose Luis Hidalgo, Energy Senior Surveyor at Lloyd’s Register Spain, presented last Wednesday 17th June the second virtual conference on “The Bay of Cadiz: A critical and constructive vision on the future of the renewable energy and offshore industries”, as a prelude to the round table that is scheduled to take place on 1st July, as a final touch to the “Webinar-Weeks” initiative included in the Neo Cadiz Bay project.

The event was presented by Rafael Fernández, President of the Cádiz-Port Association, and was attended by the Head of the Commercial Department of the Cádiz Bay Port Authority, Kate Bonner, who highlighted the good reception of this initiative, as well as the positive impact that the marine renewable energy sector would have on the Bay of Cádiz.

For his part, the speaker highlighted the 4 pillars on which the bases for the development of this type of activity in the Bay of Cadiz must be established: TRAINING of technical personnel based on public-private initiatives; PROCESS AUTOMATION which also requires investment; compatibility with the DEPENDENCY of certain companies already installed in the Bay and focusing activities in the area of QUALITY MANAGEMENT.

Both the video of the seminar and the presentation are now available on the website of Cadiz-Port.

On July 1st, the round table “Renewable Energies and Industry in the Bay of Cadiz. A look at the future”, with the aim of creating a debate on the current scenario of Renewable Energies in Spain and the strategic and legal mechanisms needed to transform the Bay of Cadiz as a logistics vector in this sector.

The debate will be moderated by Capt. Antonio M. Padrón and Santiago, Technical Advisor for Safety and Environment of the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy (Ministry of Transport) and former Ambassador of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Javier Sánchez Rojas, President of the Confederation of Businessmen of the Province of Cadiz and President of the Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce, will also be participating in the event.
Source: Cadiz Port

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