BW Terminals and Contanda Unveil New Post Merger Corporate Brand: BWC Terminals

BWC Terminals today announced the completion of the merger of U.S.-based liquid storage terminal providers BW Terminals, Inc. (“BW Terminals”) and Contanda LLC (“Contanda”) which have been under common ownership since December 2019. The combined company, which is renamed BWC Terminals, creates a leader in the liquid storage industry with significant expertise in providing innovative solutions and a deep commitment to exceptional customer service.

As previously announced in February 2020, Michael (“Mike”) Suder will serve as Chief Executive Officer of the company. BWC Terminals owns 17 sites with over ten million barrels of storage capacity, including a new Jacintoport facility that is currently under construction in the Port of Houston which will add up to an additional three million barrels of capacity to the company’s portfolio.

“We are pleased to begin the next chapter for BWC Terminals,” said Suder. “Our combined industry leadership and joint reputation for providing exceptional customer service securely positions BWC Terminals as one company united to drive growth and deliver best-in-class liquid storage solutions across North America.”
Source: BWC Terminals

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