ARA gasoline stocks drop by 9% on strong transatlantic exports

Gasoline stocks held in independent storage in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) refining and storage hub fell by almost 9% in the week to Thursday, according to data from Dutch consultancy Insights Global.

Gasoline inventories dropped as exports to the United States and Latin America picked up, while local production remained low and imports to the region was subdued, Insights Global’s Lars van Wageningen said.

Naphtha stocks dropped by 12% as demand in petrochemicals remained stable and there were no incoming cargoes, van Wageningen said.

Gasoil inventories also dropped by 5%.

 Weekly ARA stocks (in '000 tonnes)
              02/07/2020  25/06/2020  04/07/2019  
 Gasoline     1,252       1,373       1,124       STK-GL-ARA
 Naphtha      503         569         231         STK-NAF-ARA
 Gasoil       2,614       2,766       2,934       STK-GO-ARA
 Fuel oil     1,533       1,502       1,210       STK-FO-ARA
 Jet fuel     944         920         808         STK-JET-ARA
              Incoming cargoes         Outgoing cargoes
 Gasoline     France, Italy, Russia,   Arab Gulf, Canada,
              Sweden, UK               Caribbean, Mexico,
                                       USA, West Africa
 Naphtha      Russia, UK               none
 Gasoil       Saudi Arabia,            France, MED, UK, West
              Singapore, USA           Africa
 Fuel oil     Finland, France,         MED, West Africa
              Poland, Russia           
 Jet fuel     UAE                      UK

Source: Reuters (Reporting by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin;Editing by Elaine Hardcastle)

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