ARA fuel oil stocks drop by 12% – Insights Global

Fuel oil stocks held in independent storage in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) refining and storage hub dropped by 12% in the week to Thursday, according to data from Dutch consultancy Insights Global.

* Fuel oil stocks fell as there was no imports this week, while exports picked up to the Mediterranean region, said Insights Global’s Lars van Wageningen.

* Gasoline stocks fell by 3% on high transatlantic exports and also exports to the Far East, van Wageningen said.

* Naphtha stocks increased by 6%.

* Gasoil stocks had a small increase due to low demand up the Rhine River and high exports to Mediterranean as prices were higher there, van Wageningen said.

Weekly ARA stocks (in '000 tonnes)
              09/07/2020  09/07/2020  18/07/2019  
 Gasoline     1,254       1,295       1,227       STK-GL-ARA
 Naphtha      470         445         214         STK-NAF-ARA
 Gasoil       2,719       2,679       2,966       STK-GO-ARA
 Fuel oil     1,304       1,485       1,129       STK-FO-ARA
 Jet fuel     976         970         836         STK-JET-ARA
              Incoming cargoes         Outgoing cargoes
 Gasoline     France, North Sea,       Arab Gulf, Canada,
              Russia, Spain, Sweden    China, MED, Puerto
                                       Rico, Singapore, USA
 Naphtha      Algeria, Norway,         none
              Russia, UK               
 Gasoil       North Sea, Saudi Arab,   France, MED, UK
 Fuel oil     Denmark, Finland, UK     MED, USA, West Africa
 Jet fuel     none                     UK
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Source: Reuters (Reporting by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin; Editing by Amy Caren Daniel)

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