Another Shift Record in APM Terminals Poti

Poti Sea Port, the biggest port in Georgia, serves as a vital link between Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. During the current COIVD 19 pandemic it is now even more critical for the country and region that that the port maintains operations without interruptions to ensure that the supply chain continues to deliver the common essentials and vital supplies.

Despite the challenges and restrictions our colleagues are remaining focussed on delivering efficient operations and in the first weeks of May, APM Terminals Poti Operations Team has set another record of handling 628 container in a single shift. This performance is significantly higher than the previous record in Poti Sea Port and was achieved using 2 Mobile Harbour Cranes.

“Handling such a high number of containers with 2 Mobile Harbor Cranes is itself an outstanding operational performance not only for the ports of our design, but generally for the industry, it’s an impressive number.” – Vakhtang Kiliptari, OPS Planning & Support Manager.

We asked the shift manager of the team who achieved this record what enabled such a success:

“We often say that teamwork is important and by that, we mean effective and coordinated communication. Striving towards the common goal as a well-coordinated team, mobilization of resources and efforts, managing technical aspects, uninterrupted functioning and smooth collaboration of all parties are the main elements out of the big list playing a crucial role for such outcome.

The main reason behind these operational figures, despite different external factors, is the combination of all the above and brilliant work of the whole Operations team, as well as our colleagues from different functions and other stakeholders. – Levan Mikaberidze, Shift Manager.

200605-crane-operatorWhilst this great performance is a credit to the whole team, and the various other stakeholders involved, special mention should be made of the performance of the crane operators who delivered an outstanding average operational speed of 1,08 mins per container.

“At APM Terminals Poti, our team is acutely aware that they form integral link in the supply chain, and that this link is of vital importance to the country and region. It is inspiring to see what a team of professionals can achieve when they work together to overcome obstacles and restrictions. This productivity record is a testament to their dedication and a reward for their efforts.” – Matthew Rantanen, Chief Operations Officer

We thank our employees for their professional and safe work and the many new achievements that lay ahead.
Source: APM Terminals

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