Reminder for increased vigilance when transiting the Gulf of Aden

During the past few years, there has been a marked decline in piracy and armed robbery incidents off East Africa. This has been achieved through various means including the creation of the Maritime Security Transit Corridor in the Gulf of Aden. However, the threat has not entirely gone away and a recent incident has highlighted the need for continued vigilance when vessels are passing through this region.

In mid-May 2020, a chemical tanker sailing through the Gulf of Aden came under fire from two skiffs. The attackers were successfully repulsed by the ship’s armed guard team with the ship sustaining only minor damage and there were no injuries, pollution or cargo damage reported. The UKMTO recorded the incident on its website. Vessels transiting the area are advised to remain vigilant and adhere to BMP5 when transiting the area. All suspicious activity should be reported to UKMTO and MSCHOA.
Source: The Standard Club

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