Kidnapping – 48nm W Bayelsa

Reporting indicates that 5 crew were kidnapped from the Cameroon flagged MV CAP SAINT GEORGES (IMO 7312529).

Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that MV CAP SAINT GEORGES (IMO 7312529) was boarded by an unknown number of persons and 5 crew members have been kidnapped (3 Cameroonians, 1 Ghanaian, 1 Sierra Leonian). Vessel continued to Lome and arrived on 13th December.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 9.11.10 pm

Source: Dryad Global

Dryad Analysis

This incident is the 26th kidnapping with a total number of 130 persons kidnapped in Gulf of Guinea HRA in 2020. There have been a surge of incidents in the past 5 weeks, resulting in an increased risk rating for the Gulf of Guinea HRA to CRITICAL on 11th November.

This is the 8th incident in the GoG HRA in December. The previous 7 incidents have consisted of 4 attacks, 3 boardings and an approach, all of which have been unsuccessful.

Vessels are advised to operate within this area at a heightened posture maintaining the highest levels of vigilance whilst implementing full hardening / mitigation in accordance with BMP West Africa where possible. In addition the IMB advises that vessels remain at least 200nm-250nm offshore where possible.
Source: Dryad Global

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