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A year like no other. In 2020, the global economy endured its deepest recession in 74 years, as the COVID-19 virus pandemic upended lives and livelihoods. We already know that we will feel the reverberations of the Novel Coronavirus for months and years to come.

As we face the unknown challenges of the economic and geopolitical reverberations of the global pandemic, it is vitally important that we understand and plan for the continuing human toll that maritime crime and impeded sea transits will continue to have on crews, seafarers and their families.

The vast progress made at state and international levels to address economic disparity, opportunistic neo-colonialism, humanitarian crisis, internally displaced peoples, sea migrancy, ethnic conflict and political instability will face unprecedented challenges in 2021 and beyond.

It is vital that now, more than ever, we come together as an industry to effect and facilitate initiatives that bolster and position the shipping industry so that it is empowered to tackle these looming challenges head on. Whether head of state, ship captain or dockworker we must ensure that we step into the unknown months ahead as one, united by a common goal; to ensure Safety Of Life At Sea and to ensure that the barriers to achieving SOLAS are identified and overcome.

Supply chains across the world have been affected by the upheaval created by the Covid-19 pandemic, though perhaps not in the ways that were predicted at the outset.

Demand for the transport of consumer goods and trade commodities have grown and the shipping industry has had to adapt in order to meet this demand. However, unlike other supply chains, shipping is exposed to criminal activity conducted at the extremes or often beyond the jurisdiction of law enforcement, which puts seafarers and assets at risk.

Where law enforcement is weak and governance is poor, criminals will seek to exploit opportunity. This is acutely visible in West Africa, where maritime crime poses the greatest threat to commercial shipping operations and the onshore security of any region in the world. Understanding and implementing measuresto mitigate against these security risks is essential for commercial shipping companies who want to ensure the safety of their crew and protect their profitability. These complex and sometimes hostile trading environments do not always require complex security solutions. Security is like any other specialism, the output can, and should be clear, understandable and actionable.

As an independent maritime intelligence company, we haven’t got an agenda to up-sell maritime security guards, security escort vessels or insurance where it isn’t needed. This unique market positioning serves us in two ways. Our clients can depend on us to provide them with truly independent and augmentable decision-making support tools. It also marks our voice out in the industry’s global maritime security conversation as one which is dedicated to ensuring the concerns of the sector are heard on the international stage.

As we look to 2021 and beyond, we remain e solute in our commitment of lobbying for security sector reform and representing the interests of mariners and commercial operators alike. I extend my sincere thanks to the entire Dryad Global team for their dedication and drive, not only in their service of our clients but also in their service of the wider shipping community. A message from Phil Diacon, CEO, Dryad Global
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