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Eleventh Circuit decision holds US courts do not have to construe disputed medical evidence in maintenance and cure cases in favor of crewmembers

Introduction Under the general maritime law of the US, the employer of a Jones Act seaman who falls ill while in the service of the ship has a “no fault” obligation to provide maintenance, cure and unearned wages through the end

TT Talk – Protecting cargo from wet damage

Claims relating to wet damage to cargo are all too frequent. Many of these can be avoided entirely with a robust pre-loading condition checking procedure. While humidity and condensation are inevitable challenges through the supply chain, pre-existing CTU damages should be

Gulf of Guinea pirates threaten region’s security

There is a lot of activity in the Gulf of Guinea in terms of counterpiracy efforts, as well as trade and attempts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. These factors are about recovery, while having to deal with urgent security problems,